What does 😱 mean in texting, WhatsApp or Facebook? The emoji shows a face with wide and blank eyes, wide opened mouth and two hands on face. The emoji represents a shocked face, screams in fear. Also could be suprised by something. The emoji is part of Unicode 6.0.

Known as

  • 😱 Screaming Emoji
  • 😱 Fear Emoji
  • 😱 Surprised Emoji
  • 😱 Shocked Emoji


  • “Just found 100 dollar on the street 😱”
  • “I hear ghosts 😱”
  • “My dog pooped on my bed 😱”
Copy and paste 😱
Name face screaming in fear
Unicode U+1F631
HTML Entity (Decimal) 😱
HTML Entity (Hexadecimal) 😱